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"Amazing and Inspiring teacher! Joanna is the best teacher I met in Atlanta. I used to live in San Francisco, California and my yoga practice back there included chanting, meditation and Asanas (poses). With Joanna's nurturing personality, calming voice and her creative integration of energy healing with Asanas, I was able to continue my spiritual practice and feel rejuvenated, connected and relaxed every single time I take her class. I highly recommend Joanna for both private and in group classes. She's absolutely amazing and her wisdom will change your life!"  Cynthia B.


"I count this blessing many times over with Joanna and her Yoga Instruction.  She will light a pathway for you

to journey toward success reaching to your highest potential. Joanna is so gifted. If you have ever taken other yoga classes you will see the difference. I am grateful for this connection of mind body and spirit that anyone can achieve with Joanna's instruction." Kathy S.


"Great classes!  Joanna's class is not your typical Yoga class.  I suffered from Insomnia and lower back pain for years.  Once I started taking Yoga classes with Joanna, i'm sleeping so much better, and my lower back is stronger.  I highly recommend her classes! Lisa R.


"Yoga has been a big part of my life for 5 years. During those years, I explored many different styles of yoga with different instructors. My experience working with Joanna has transformed my life! She knows what your body needs for wellness and delivers consistently. I highly recommend her class if you are serious about yoga and meditation. For those of you not familiar with meditation, just let me say you are missing out! Meditation relaxes your mind and opens up your creative brain! She clearly recognizes the benefits of a well tuned body and mind to help you achieve your maximum."  G Posey.

"I wanted to let you know what an awesome experience was this afternoon. You will be seeing me in the future and I'll be telling my friends about you:)" Mickey M.


"Joanna's healing helped me so much during a very tough time. Her presence makes you feel immediately loved and relaxed. I've also been to her yoga classes and she's great at integrating the whole aspect of yoga body, mind and soul. Highly highly recommend!" C.B.








To book a session or to reserve a spot in class Email me at:, or call me @ 678-575-7452


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